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June 11th, 2014

thai soup


korean food


December 27th, 2011

food so far today


well my offical tweet... B- oatmeal w/ raisins/soymilk/butter/honey L- vegburger w/ artichoke&spinachhummus and soy cheese &naked smoothie

I have a twitter now...



okay not  a real stretch but yeah...

November 14th, 2011

Curryhouse Resturant review



Well here it is ----my first official review
Place –Curry house
Type of food—Indian, Nepalese
Location—899 S. Plymouth Ct. Chicago, IL 60605

Styles—sit down, buffet, (lunch) carryout, delivery

We hare eaten there 4 times


Things I have eaten there

Curry house special Dinner
1.) Curry house vegetable special Dinner
 -----dal Makhini, Palak Paneer Aloo Ghobi, Navaratn Korma served with basmati rice.


  Curry house non. Veg Dinner
------Tandoori chicken, Chicken tikka, Lamb seekh kabab butter chicken, vegetable curry,

 Naan & basmati rice

 Nepalese Style special dinner

2.) Veg. bhojan

----Tareko aloo, bhuteko kauli, Jhaneko dal, Palaungu ko Sag served in Bhat, roti & keer

and some other things as well.
I love this resturant - the service is excellent ( I always get my stuff to go) the food is excellent.

Ialways get the combination platter it is very filling ( enough for two people for two days) .

also more to pick from and you get a sense of how the different dishes taste w/o getting a large portion that you may not like.

there is also Veg food there ... ask if you are a vegan though ...( I'm not so I haven't had the need to ask )


September 27th, 2011

I''ve been trying out recipes...different wraps... ( example green wrap with refried beans( veg version) and lettuce and soy meat ( or leftover turkey, chicken etc) with salsa ( newman's version ((not the lime flavored kind )) ) and soy cheese cross you heart  and the veg cheese (the orange kind...  )  was going to put black beans then thought that would be overkill so to speak ..... at one point I even put guacamole in one ...tasted good...

now I have to go and write down the recipes....

I will eventually put up the reviews... ( I lost them actually so I'll have to rewite them)

July 5th, 2011

Since Dec./Jan. I had been feeling off..then I had joint pain @ first was low then as time increased then I had more and more until...Feb of this year....I finally have a diagnosis...I have SLE that is the reason why I haven't posted much...and eventually stopped altogether ....I still have the restaurant reviews and other food reviews ...will hopefully post them as soon as possible.....

February 17th, 2011

Will do reviews and post book list later on NEXT month

ETA: I have the reviews written ( on paper ) but hopefully will do them in April........

December 31st, 2010

books read this year

welll I like to read books and here are the ones from this year so far

December 09  -March
December 09 to MarchCollapse )


april booksCollapse )


may booksCollapse )


july booksCollapse )Read more...Collapse )


september booksCollapse )

September 29th, 2010

Well I have been doing a number of recipes ( haven't had time to put the results up yet will do soon )

will have restaurant reviews as well

yah's cuisine

curry house

chutney joes

these will be some of the restaurants that I will review
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